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If you have been following the vaping scene for some time, you have probably come across EMonty, online, on Forums or Social media. Edward runs and supervises pages on behalf of many talented and innovative modders, as well as his personal communities, including his own eLiquid brand ‘FlavorJoy’ and the renowned ‘Vape Court’, working tirelessly to highlight and prevent dishonest practises in the industry …

Edward has been involved and passionate since early 2009 and the community is his life. So much so that he has made it his mission … and dedicated his time, so that enthusiastic and discerning members have a chance to experience the very best currently available and don’t get scammed along the way.

Today, Edward proudly presents EMonty.com. Over the years, EMonty has gained trust and respect from the cream of modders and juice makers and they are honoured and delighted to allow distribution of their products, with many exclusives, from one of their own. EMonty.com also offers a safe and secure trading platform for friends and exclusive customers ..

Now is your chance to join this special and unique venture and become one of EMonty’s VIP, in what will, no doubt, become the Sanctum for discerning vapers …

Chamber of commerce : 70436851                                                                                    VAT : NL002167553B57
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