The DDP EVO atomizer inherits the unique design of its predecessors from DDP Vape products.

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Multiple parts are manufactured using high precision CNC techniques, making the internal structure extremely precise. DDP EVO combines its complex production process with superb craftsmanship to provide users with an excellent vaping experience. The non-slip and knurling finished air flow control will give the user the intake air ratio adjustment to adapt to his/her preference.

The all-new “Bullet Coil” is designed by vapers for vapers with a plug-in system which is easy to install and change. The “Bullet Coil” vaporization process saves battery consumption throughout the usage, with distinctive, delicate taste and richness of every drop of your e-liquid. It guarantees satisfaction and a smooth vape, another uniqueness of the classic DDP Vape design.



  • Size: Diameter 22mm * Height 35mm (with drip tip)
  • Material: 316 F
  • Capacity: 2.0ML
  • Tank material: Glass
  • Interface: Standard 510 threading


  • Premade coil by DDP Vape
  • Resistance: 0,50 Ohm
  • Wicking material: Cotton
  • Coil material: Kanthal A1
  • Housing material: Gold plated C3604 (RoHS compliant)


  • DDP EVO atomizer
  • Pre-installed 0.5 Ohm “Bullet Coil”
  • 2x packs of 4 “Bullet Coils”, a total of 8 coils
  • Drip tip
  • Drip tip adapter
  • O-rings spare pack
  • User manual


After filling the tank with liquid, please keep the atomizer upright for approximately 3-4 minutes before usage. This is to allow adequate liquid to saturate the cotton completely. During use, to prolong the “Bullet Coil” lifespan, it is recommended not to drain the e-liquid completely.

Please ensure you fill in the e-liquid before use. Fire the “Bullet Coil” without e-liquid will damage the coil.

Do not soak or wash the coil with water, replace when the flavor becomes less.

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